Kandy Mourns; Ironically betting Centers opened

Monday, 13 April 2015 - 9:06

It was revealed that although the government announced a day of mourning yesterday due to the cremation of the Chief incumbent of the Asgiriya Chapter, race by race betting centers were opened.

Liquor outlets, meat stalls as well as business centers were closed island wide to pay homage to the chief prelate.

However, according to our correspondents race by race betting centers were functioning in most parts of the island.

Police media spokesperson ASP Ruwan Gunaskara stated that a request was made to close all the betting centers.

Binthanne area Chief Incumbent Venerable Veragoda Ananda thero stated that at a time when the entire nation is mourning due to the demise of the Chief Prelate, it is unfortunate to learn that certain groups are involved in such acts to earn money.

Meanwhile, the management of the Race by race betting centre has notified its employees to report for duty even on the Sinhala and Tamil New year day.

The government has announced today and tomorrow as holidays due to the significance of the Sinhala and Tamil New year.

Race by race betting centers have become a social menace.

Is it not the time to eradicate such large scale betting centers from society that functions disregarding even a day of mourning or the Sinhala and Tamil New year.

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