Update: Super cyclones likely to affect Sri Lanka

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 - 11:50

Professor Ramakrishna Rao from the Department of Meteorology, Andhra University states Cyclones that hit the coastal areas, including the latest category four super cyclone Hudhud originated from this part of the ocean.

The north Indian Ocean was the first to experience the phenomenon of global warming and since 1999, we are heading towards a major climate change.

According to him the eastern coast has witnessed about eight super cyclones since 1999 and the frequency would increase.

He said the potential energy in a category four or five cyclone is same to the energy released by 100 hydrogen bombs.

Commenting on the topic Director General of the Met Department S R Jayasekara stated that super cyclones may have an impact on Sri Lanka as well.


Update : Tuesday, 14 April 2015 - 11:58
Heavy showers from next week

The meteorology department states that heavy showers can be expected after the Sinhala and Tamil New year.

Showers or thundershowers will occur at several places over the island during the afternoon or evening.

Showers will occur in the coastal areas from Katunayaka to Galle via Colombo during the morning too.

On the apparent northward relative motion of the sun, it is going to be directly over the latitudes of Sri Lanka until the 15th of April.

Duty meteorologist Sachith Wickramasooriya said the nearest towns of Sri Lanka over which the sun is overhead today are Vellamullivaikal, Kokavil and Kumulamunai about 12:11 noon.

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