SLFP plots against 19th Amendment - JVP

Thursday, 23 April 2015 - 19:24

Highways and Investment Promotion Deputy Minister Eran Wickramarathna stated during a media conference held in Colombo today, that the government is expecting the support of all parliamentarians to pass the 19th Amendment.

Meanwhile, Frontline Socialist Party stated that the 19th Amendment is expected to abolish only the excessive powers vested in the President under the 18th Amendment.

However, government coalition SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem stated in a ceremony held in Kandy today, the Opposition is deliberately avoiding the efforts to pass the 19th Amendment.

Meanwhile, addressing a media conference held in Colombo today, JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake stated that the SLFP is marking time in the efforts to pass the 19th Amendment, and such attempts are suspicious.

At the same time, the SLFP has convened a central working committee meeting at the Sri Lanka Foundation this evening.

SLFP Media Spokesman Minister Dilan Perera stated that special attention would be drawn to the allegations made against his party, regarding the passing of the 19th Amendment.

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