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Tuesday, 07 July 2015 - 8:51
Update: The final decision with regard to UPFA nominations postponed to tomorrow

Although a final decision was scheduled to be taken with regard to preparing the UPFA’s nomination list at the discussion held last night with the President, it has been postponed to tomorrow.

Minister S. B. Disanayake said that this was due to the need to hold further discussions with parties representing the Alliance.

Responding to a query of our news team , the Minister said that there was a difficulty in fulfilling the requests of all constituent parties of the UPFA.

However, Minister S. B. Disanayake also said that while a final decision was scheduled to be arrived at, by tomorrow, the President was due to make a statement subsequently.

Meanwhile, a meeting of UPFA party leaders requesting that former president Mahinda Rajapaksa be made the prime ministerial candidate is scheduled to be held this forenoon.

MEP leader, Dinesh Gunawardana said that at this meeting discussion was scheduled to be held about election propaganda activities and the current political climate.  

Update: Tuesday, 07 July 2015 - 20:07

Final Decision on UPFA Nominations tonight

One of the nomination committee members of UPFA and Minister W.D.J. Seneviratne says the final decision on the UPFA nomination list is likely to be released tonight.

He stated that a final decision would be reached at the meeting with the president this evening.

A meeting between the president and the coalition leaders of UPFA was held this morning.

It is reported that discussions were held about the nominations of the UPFA during this meeting. 

Minister Seneviratne further said that the preliminary step of nominations was over and political party leaders were engaged in finalizing the nominations at the Opposition Leader’s office today.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the ministers who joined the government is scheduled to be held at Minister Rajitha Senarathna’s residence this afternoon.

Sources close to the minister stated that the focus of the discussion would be on how to contest the forthcoming general election.

Accordingly, the decisions which are taken during this meeting would be conveyed to the SLFP nomination committee to enable the party chairman and President Maithripala Sirisena to reach a final decision.

Update : Tuesday, 07 July 2015 - 18:49

SLFP nomination committee meets President today

The SLFP nomination committee will participate in a discussion with President Maitripala Sirisena today.

Nomination committee member Minister S. B. Disanayake said that a final decision would be arrived at after discussing with the President today and tomorrow.

Similarly the Minister told our news team further that a discussion had been held yesterday with other parties of the Alliance with regard to the district-wise quota of nominations to be given to each party.

The SLFP nomination committee consists of Minister S. B. Disanayake, Minister Rajitha Senaratne and former MPs Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, Susil Premajayantha and Mahinda Amaraweera.

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