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Sunday, 12 July 2015 - 16:38
Update:People together with the Maha Sanga demonstrate requesting UPFA nominations for Duminda Silva. No responsible officer to accept the memorandum including people’s request that was scheduled to be handed over to the President.


A large crowd including the Maha Sangha engaged in a procession and a demonstration yesterday requesting that nomination be granted to former MP R. Duminda Silva under the UPFA from the Colombo District.

They said that if nomination was not given to former MP R. Duminda Silva , hundreds and thousands of UPFA votes would be lost.

A large crowd including the Maha Sangha launched a peaceful procession in the vicinity of the Nelumpokuna Theatre requesting that former MP R. Duminda Silva be given UPFA nomination.

Later the group engaged in the procession assembled in front of the Mahaweli Centre, where UPFA nominations are being signed.

Subsequently they came to the Opposition Leader’s office.

The group including the Maha Sangha arriving at the Opposition Leader’s office informed that they wanted to hand over a memorandum to President Maitripala Sirisena.

Accordingly the police officers on duty there ushered two prelates and several other representatives of the gathering to the presidential secretariat.

During this time the group that had been in front of the Opposition Leader’s office walked back to the Mahaweli Centre.

The people who were gathered there vehemently demonstrated against former MP Dinesh Gunawardhana who arrived at the Mahaweli Centre.


Meanwhile the security division did not permit representatives including the Sangha to enter the presidential secretariat.

Instead of granting permission a presidential secretariat representative came to the site to accept their memorandum. 

However the group refused to hand over their petition to him as he was not a responsible representative.


Subsequently the group remained for several hours in front of the Mahaweli Centre requesting that a fair reply be given to them.

Accordingly the gathering dispersed from the place peacefully.

Update: Monday, 13 July 2015 - 08:04

 Demanding nominations for Duminda Silva from the UPFA, a massive crowd including the Maha Sanga is proceeding in a peaceful procession to hand over a memorandum to the President

Demanding nominations for former MP R Duminda Silva from the UPFA, a massive crown including the Maha Sanga reached the Mahaweli Centre today as well in a peaceful procession where UPFA nomination papers are signed.

The massive crowd started the procession from the Nelum Pokuna theatre.

The massive crowd engaged in a peaceful protest and then proceeded to the Opposition leader’s office in Colombo.

The Maha Sanga stated that they need to hand over a memorandum to President Maithripala Sirisena requesting nominations from the UPFA for former MP R Duminda Silva.

Subsequently Police officers escorted 2 monks and representatives of the public to the Presidential Secretariat to hand over the memorandum.

The crowd gathered near the Opposition Leaders office once again peacefully proceeded to the mahaweli centre.

The public who were gathered there stated that if former MP R Duminda Silva does not receive nominations from the UPFA, they will refrain from voting during the General Election.

The maha sanga who went to the Presidential secretariat to hand over the memorandum retuned stating that the memorandum was not handed over since an acceptable representative was not present.

Subsequently the crowd engaged in a peaceful protest again in front of the Mahaweli Centre.
A large gathering including the Maha Sangha and artistes engaged in a demonstration in front of SLFP headquarters at Darley Road and Mahaweli Center day before yesterday as well, demanding nomination for former MP R. Dumindha Silva.

Meanwhile, during several meetings and media briefings held, ideas were expressed regarding not handing over nominations from the UPFA to former MP R Duminda Silva.

Update: Sunday, 12 July 2015 - 19:04

Further protest demonstrations carried out in Colombo demanding nominations for former MP Duminda Silva

A large number of Buddhist monks and a large gathering of people demonstrated a protest demonstration opposite the Mahaweli Center today (12) where the the signing of nominations of the UPFA candidates are being carried out.

The intention of this protest was to demand  for nominations  for the former MP Duminda Silva in the upcoming general elections.

Reporters of the Hiru media reported that the protesters held a peaceful protest and marched from the Lotus Pond theater towards the Mahaweli Center. The protesters mentioned to our reporters that  Duminda Silva, who is always there for the lesser  privileged people and who help the needy poor in many ways must be issued nominations to contest at the general elections.

On the 10th of July also the clergy and the artists of the island carried out a campaign demanding nominations for former MP Duminda Silva in front of the UPFA head quarters and later on marched towards the and Mahaweli Center.

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