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Sunday, 30 August 2015 - 14:20
Foreign Affairs Ministry expects UN Human Rights Council to approve Sri Lanka’s domestic mechanism

The Foreign Ministry stated that they are confident that the domestic mechanism over the war in Sri Lanka will be accepted at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva next month.

A spokesperson stated that the UNHRC is likely to adopt the US resolution submitted to support a domestic mechanism.

It was stated during US Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Biswal’s visit that such a resolution is to be submitted.

A resolution was passed at the UNHRC session held in Geneva last year, stating that an international investigation should be held with regard to the war which prevailed in Sri Lanka, while US was one of its co-sponsors.

A spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry shows that the situation of Sri Lanka changed greatly following the passing of this resolution.

The new government is currently taking measures to consolidate the country’s human rights situation and collaborate with the international community.

Foreign Affairs Ministry further showed that a resolution was passed against Sri Lanka was due to the former regime not fulfilling the pledges made before the UN Human Rights Council.

The report on Sri Lanka presented by the UNHRC High Commissioner was due to be presented to the Geneva session last March.

However, the High Commissioner decided to postpone the submission until September, after considering the new developments in Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, the relevant report will be submitted to the upcoming UNHRC session.

The spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that this report will be presented to the Human Rights Council on the 27th of September.

However, the UN High Commissioner will not be present during the occasion, as he will be participating in the commemoration ceremony of the UN’s 70th anniversary held in New York City.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry reiterated that they do not expect a large delegation to participate in the forthcoming UNHRC session.

However, the Foreign Affairs Minister will participate in the high level session held on the 14th and 15th September.

Meanwhile, Times of India newspaper reported that US has agreed to India’s stance concerning Sri Lanka, by supporting Sri Lanka’s domestic mechanism.

India voted against the resolution against Sri Lanka which was presented to the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva last year.

They voted against the resolution stating that an international investigation was not required, and a domestic investigation would be sufficient.

Times of India further stated that the international community should support a domestic investigation mechanism after considering Sri Lanka’s current progress.

However, a wave of protests was raised in South India with regard to the US extending their support on a domestic mechanism in Sri Lanka.

Such a demonstration was held in front of the US consulate in Chennai last week.
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