Kelani River Banks to be Specially Inspected

Monday, 31 August 2015 - 19:36

The Central Environmental Authority has issued the environmental protection license to enable the controversial factory to restart operations under several conditions.

The particular factory was involved in the recent water contamination of Kelani River due to oil leakage.

Water supply to several areas of Colombo and suburbs were interrupted on August 17th after water of the Kelani River was contaminated due to oil leakage from this private factory located in Biyagama.

Later Central Environmental Authority suspended the environmental protection license of this controversial factory.

After negotiations, the particular factory admitted its mistake and agreed to reimburse the value of the damage that caused to the machinery of Ambatale water purifying centre and the other costs for the removal of oil layers from the Kelani River.

As a result, water supply was interrupted once again in the same areas last week as the remnants of oil layers washed into the river from its banks due to heavy rain.  

However, the Central Environmental Authority stated that inspections would be carried out along the river banks from Avissawella to Ambatale in order to check whether garbage and toxic waste is released to the Kelani River.

Meanwhile, Water Supply and Drainage Board Chairman Alahudeen Anzar said that he can assure the purity of water supplied to the consumers.

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