Update: An acid attack on a divorced couple

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 - 16:23


The police have initiated investigations in connection with an acid attack on a couple driving a motor car at Panamure in Embilipitiya.


The victims have been identified as residents of Nonagama in Ambalantota. The couple is receiving treatment at Ambilipitiya hospital and a hospital spokesman said that the faces of the victims sustained severe burnt injuries due to the attack.


Investigations revealed that the parents of the female victim have complained to the Ambalantota Police yesterday that their daughter was kidnapped by the person who has been the other victim of the acid attack.


The woman victim has also been identified as a teacher, and she was married to the alleged kidnapper in 2011 but divorced in last January.


A senior officer of the Ambilipitiya Police told our news team that the police suspects the male victim might be behind the acid attack.


However, police were unable to record a statement from the male victim as his mouth was severely damaged due to the attack.


Acid Attack on Couple at Panamure

Police have commenced an investigation in connection with a couple being attacked with acid, while they were traveling in a motor vehicle at Panamure area in Ambilipitiya.

Further investigations have revealed that the Ambalanthota Police have received a complaint yesterday(1st), regarding the disappearance of the woman, and the acid attacker had kidnapped her.

The couple who were attacked with acid are residents of Nonagama area in Ambalanthota.

Currently, they are receiving treatment at Ambilipitiya Hospital.

Police stated that they could not yet record a statement from the victims. 

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