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UNP- 33 cabinet, 11 state and 11 deputy - SLFP 13 cabinet, 08 state and 13 deputy



33 cabinet ministers, 11 state ministers and 11 deputy ministers have been appointed from the UNP to the national government. 




13 cabinet ministers, 8 state ministers and 13 deputy ministers have been appointed from the SLFP to the national government so far.




No minor coalition of the UPFA has accepted ministry portfolios of the national government.




UPFA coalitions - EPDP and CWC leaders, Douglas Devananda and Arumugam Thondaman also have not been given any ministry portfolios.




13 MPs out of 95 UPFA MPs in parliament represent minor political parties.




34 MPs out of 82 SLFP MPs have already taken oaths in various ministries in the new government.




Parliament recently approved 48 cabinet ministry portfolios, and 46 have already been appointed. 




45 state and deputy ministers were approved but only 43 ministers have been appointed so far.




Meanwhile, it is significant to note that one of the strong followers of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa – T.B. Ekanayake accepting a deputy ministerial position. 




In addition, several other strong Mahinda Rajapaksa followers such as Dilan Perera, Sumeda Jayasena, Lakshman Wasantha Perera, Nishantha Muthuhettigama and Nimal Lanza were sworn in as state and deputy ministers today.

19 State Ministers and 21 Deputy Ministers  Swore-in today

President Maithripala Sirisena addressed the gathering subsequently to the swearing-in of State and Deputy Ministers.

I am very glad to speak a few words in front of people like you who are dedicating yourself for the country. I bless you and congratulate you for the service you will be rendering to create the changes topically necessary for the betterment of the country.

We have a very long journey to make. It is definitely not going to be smooth. I became the President, Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe became the PM and you all obtained ministerial posts, not to perform duties of an easygoing, relaxed sort. We all admit the toughness and the challenging nature of politics.

One could engage in serene politics with the acquisition of power. Yet immorality would emerge along with that serene political agenda. We must engage in challenging work, retaining the toughness. We do all that for the country and the public.

I’m obliged to you for agreeing to the SLFP and the UNP working together for a certain period of time. From the very beginning our path was not smooth. Some say that the PM and myself have been trapped in an Imperialist plot…I will not answer that yet. We shall respond through our work in the future, and prove that we truly love the country.

We will succumb to no foreign influence. We will not despoil the prestigious history of this country. Whether it be Buddhists, Christians Hindus or Muslims, all talk about the congregation and separation of people for the good of people.
The national government concept was introduced for the betterment of the country. Considering the combination of this government some say that it will not last long..

No one must expect a government before 2020. Whatever anyone might say, our government is the stable one. No one will be allowed to change it - I assert that point.

Our effort is to build the country with the combination of the two parties. We transformed the ignoble political culture that was in operation for the past few decades. Therefore we must all resolve with responsibility to perform our duties true to our conscience and abstain from all sorts of corruption.

PM Ranil Wickramasinghe addressing the newly appointed State and Deputy Ministers: 

We have got over the initial step of establishing the national government. The cabinet assembled and the initial discussion was held as well. This is a political revolution – two parties coordinating according to an agreement. The public expects the national government to provide solutions to the problems faced by them.  

We who are now gathered here in this manner, used to be constantly at tug-of-war divided into two factions. We must coordinate and proceed together. We must consider the ideas of both the TNA and the JVP. We have a new journey to make.

There were those who shirked their duties despite all the perks they enjoyed. This cannot happen anymore. The public handed over to us the responsibility of working for the country. Traveling abroad must be limited. We’ll get to work now.

Our President was appointed on the 8th of January to initiate good governance. We have discussed together and covered up a large area of work. We shall solve our problems through discussions within our parties. Eventually we can be satisfied that we fulfilled our obligations for the country.


19 State Ministers and 21 Deputy Ministers took oaths today

Accordingly the total number of State and Deputy Ministers sworn in today is 40.


The three Deputy Ministers absent from the swearing-in ceremony:

Siripala Gamlath - Deputy Minister - Foreign Employment

Anuradha Lanka Jayaratne - Deputy Minister – Mahaweli Development and Environment

Sarathee Dushmantha - Deputy Minister - Justice


19 State Ministers were sworn-in today

Sudarshani Fernandopulle - State Minister - Water Supply

Wasantha Senanayake - State Minister – Irrigation and Water Management

Wasantha Aluvihare - State Minister - Agriculture

Vasantha Senanayake - State Minister - Highways

Sujeewa Serasinghe - State Minister - International Trade

Wijekala Maheshwaran - State Minister - Child Affairs

Champika Premadasa - State Minister - Industries

Mohan Lal Grero - State Minister - University education

Hisbullah - State Minister - Resettlement & Rehabilitation

Ruwan Wijewardane - State Minister – Defense

Niroshan Perera - State Minister - National Policy Economy

Dilip Wedaarachi - State Minister - Fisheries & Water Resources

Palitha Range Bandara - State Minister - Vocational Training

V Radakrishnan - State Minister- Education

Raveendra Samaraweera - State Minister - Labor

Laxman Yapa - State Minister - Finance

Priyankara Jayaratne - State Minister - Law & Order

T.B. Ekanayake - State Minister - Land

AHM Fowzie - State Minister- National Integration

Dilan Perera - State Minister - Highways


21 Deputy Ministers were sworn-in.

Nimal Lansa- Deputy Minister - Tourism and Christianity

Karu Paranavithana - Deputy Minister - Provincial Council & Local Govt

HMM Harris - Deputy Minister - Sports 

Tharanath Basnayake - Deputy Minister - Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure

Arundika Fernando - Deputy Minister - Home Affairs

Ashoka Abeysinha - Deputy Minister - Transport

Ranjan Ramanayake - Deputy Minister - Social Service

Eran Wickramaratne - Deputy Minister - State Entrepreneurship

Ajith P. Perera - Deputy Minister- Power and Energy

Harsha de Silva - Deputy Minister - Foreign Affairs

Anoma Gamage - Deputy Minister - Petroleum

Dunesh Gankanda - Deputy Minister - Disaster Management

Nishantha Muthuhettigama - Deputy Minister - Ports

Dulip Wijesekara - Deputy Minister - Postal & Muslim affairs

Laxman Wasantha Perera - Deputy Minister - Plantation

Faisal Cassim - Deputy Minister - Health

Indika Bandaranayake - Deputy Minister - Housing

Lasantha Alagiyawanna - Deputy Minister - Megapolis and Western Province Development

Ameer Ali - Deputy Minister - Rural Economy

Susantha Punchinilame - Deputy Minister - State Administration

Sumeda G Jayasena - Deputy Minister - Wildlife

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