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Thursday, 24 September 2015 - 13:26
Joseph Stalin accuses police for unjust treatment of boy


Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers' Union Joseph Stalin accuses the police for the unjustified treatment of the student who was suspected and arrested regarding the murder of Seya of Kotadeniyawa.

It is Stalin’s opinion that the police is attempting to harass other children under the pretext of looking for suspects.

A 17 year old school boy and another person was arrested by the police with regard to the murder of Seya and they will be under arrest till the 28th this month. 

The police also said that their medical reports are pending.

The police who claim that obscene images were found in the respective student’s laptop, further state that further investigations will be carried out in that regard.

Meanwhile it was reported that another suspect has confessed that he murdered Seya. The CID says that the person arrested yesterday (23rd) while hiding at Baduwathugoda, Bemmulla in Gampaha over the killing of Kotadeniyawa Seya Sadevmi confessed that he had killed the girl. A senior officer in the department told Hiru News that the suspect is still being questioned regarding the incident.

It is also said that the suspect is a resident near Seya’s house.

However the Police Media Spokesman’s Office stated that such an apprehension has not been reported.

Denouncing the conduct of the police, Joseph Stalin says that it has been attempted to create a wrong impression in society about the 17 year old school boy who was arrested under suspicion.

“The student definitely deserves penal action if he is a culprit… nevertheless he is still only a suspect. How did the police behave towards this suspect? It is indeed a huge setback to this child.”

Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers' Union Joseph Stalin affirmed that justice must be done by the student if the suspect arrested yesterday regarding the murder of the girl in Kotadeniyawa has made a confession already.

Meanwhile the mother of the 17-year-old school boy had this to say:

“I always said that my son is guiltless. How can this black mark be removed? I demand the authorities an answer to this question…I seek justice in this matter...”

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