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Friday, 25 September 2015 - 8:21
Seya’s murder suspect arrives at Negombo hospital


Reports indicate that the suspect in connection with the murder of Seya Sadevmi of Kotadeniyawa was taken to the Negombo hospital for a medical investigation. 

A representative of the hospital stated, that 32 year old Dinesh Priyashantha alias Kondayaarrived at the hospital under the protection of officers of the CID.

Reports also indicate that, a tense situation erupted in the vicinity, when onlookers attempted to converge near the hospital, to get a glimpse of the suspect.

Update : Saturday, 26 September 2015 - 09:37

Kondaya discloses how he killed Seya

A main suspect who was arrested last evening (23rd) by the Criminal Investigations Department in Baduwathugoda, Bemmulla, Gampaha had confessed to the rape and murder of five year old Seya Sadevmi, the Police said.

According to police sources, the suspect, the 32 year-old suspect Dunesh Priyashantha alias Kondaya had made a lengthy confession to the CID.

The suspect had entered the house through the front door. Although the window of the room Seya was sleeping in was open, jumping through it was not possible and he had entered the room discreetly through the unlocked door which had given way when turned. 

He had peeped into a lit room in passing and confirmed that everyone was asleep. After molesting and murdering the child the suspect had hidden the dead body of the child beside a canal and had gone to his sister’s home in Ingammaruwa.

It is mentioned that the suspect has revealed to the CID a lot of details about his conduct. However the Police says that investigations regarding the incident will be continued.  

Kotadeniyawa murderer confesses

The main suspect arrested over the killing the Kotadeniyaawa child, Seya Sadewmi, after abducting and subjecting her to a sexual abuse has made a confession about the manner the offences had been committed.

The suspect was arrested in the Badhulugoda area in Bemmulla in Gampaha day-before-yesterday.

The suspect has confessed that he killed the child.

The 32-year old suspect named Dunesh Priyashaantha aka ‘Kondayaa’ has entered the house by opening the front door.

The suspect has confessed that although the window of the room where the child had been sleeping had been open, he had entered the house through the front door since it was not possible to jump from the window.

The suspect had confessed that the front door opened automatically when the door knob was turned.

The suspect has confessed that while he carried the child from the vicinity of the house he had seen a bulb burning in a room and he was sure that the persons in that room were fast asleep.

Having killed the child after raping her the suspect had hidden the child’s body near the stream and gone to the house of sister of his resident at Ingammaaruwa.

Reports say that the arrested suspect had revealed to the CID lot of details about his character.

However the police said that investigations about the incidents were still being carried out.
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