Avant-Garde operations to be given to foreign companies?

Tuesday, 22 December 2015 - 10:24


The Union of those who lost jobs in Avant-Garde accuse that the Sri Lanka Navy Chief is taking steps to give the maintenance of weapons belonging to Avant-Garde Company to foreign companies. The campaigner of the above Union stated at a media brief held yesterday (21) that there is a mysterious hand operating behind this step.

He further stated that though the Navy Chief and Defense Secretary gave assurance that Avant-Garde jobs will not be lost, yet already we have lost our jobs. We queried from Vice Admiral R.C. Wijegunaratna about the accusation leveled against by the Union of those who lost jobs in Avant-Garde. The Navy Chief stated that it is only necessary to answer statements made by a responsible person of Avant-Garde Company and not to other people’s accusations.

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