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Thursday, 24 December 2015 - 19:27
Politicos Condemn For Not Taking Legal Actions Against Hirunika In Connection With The Abduction Of A Person


Earlier it was white van culture, now abducted in Defender vehicles, five were taken in connection with the incident, and one person was not taken- Mahinda.

"Law should be enforced on this Criminal Governance"MP Vijitha Herath

"It is her Defender vehicle, her body guards as well as the office where the assaulting took place. The person who abducted states it was just threatening, others are arrested, but the law is not enforced against the parliamentarian"MP Udhaya Gammanpila

The opposition is citing that if the Defender vehicle which was used to abduct a youth the other day in broad day light belonged to Parliamentarian (MP) Hirunika Premachandra, so law should be enforced against her. The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) stated yesterday (23) at a media brief that abducting persons in Defender vehicles is not good governance. Former president Mahinda Rajapaksha also expressed regarding this abduction incident. 

Participating at A function held at Kandana area he expressed to the media regarding the above abduction in this manner…

Media personnel- yesterday you would have seen parliamentarian (MP) Hirunika Premachandra abduct a person and assault in broad day light.

Former president- Now they say white Vans, but now white are not anymore. Now it’s Defenders.

Media Personnel- Is this justifiable?  The ongoing good governance system?

Former President- what do you’ll think? Ask the masses whether the good governance is good?

Media Personnel- Most of the accusations were level against you that during your past regime that this sort of thing did not happen.

Former President- Now it is openly visible for people .there is nothing new to be said to the people. People see. People are intelligent. All the jokes these groups say are not considered. Now five accused were taken except for one.

Meanwhile JVP media spokesman Vijitha Herath’s statement regarding the abduction below…….

The white Van system of those days is carried out today by abducting in Black Defenders.   Nobody rejected white Vans and asked for Black Defenders. If someone is misusing Parliamentary privileges’ or other powers and abducting civil youths in Black Defenders it’s completely wrong. That was started during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. MP Hirunika Premachandra grew up in that back ground. It proves nothing has changed. It has not changed yet. Instead of white Vans black defenders have been replaced. If abductions are taking place it is not good governance. It’s again gangster governance regime.  The law has to be enforced immediately in this regard.

Look below for MP Udaya Gammanpila’s statement........

One of our young Parliamentarians was accused regarding an abduction of a youth. After coming into power they bragged of ending the white Van culture. Instead of an incorrect white Van culture Black Defender culture has come.

A campaign of abducting youths in black defenders who go against parliamentarian has begun. Defender and the body guards who abducted is the parliamentarian’s as well. And even the office. The abducted person accuse that the parliamentarian assaulted and threatened. She also accepts that she was involved in it.

But the law is not enforced properly on the Parliamentarian. Others are arrested while the parliamentarian is free. We are compelled to ask the government whether is this good governance when the parliamentarian is kept above the law.

A strong evidence has already been revealed by now which connects the Parliamentarian (MP) Hirunika Premachandra to the incident. The main fact being the defender which was used in the abduction belonged to her. Also the abductors taking the abducted person to Hirunika’s office proves to be another evidence…..

  -----Evidence against Hirunika Premachandra by now in connection with this abduction------

Proof that the abduction was carried out in the defender vehicle which belonged to her.

The abducted person being taken to her office situated in Kolonnawa

The abducted person being threatened by her

The abducted Amila Priyanga Amarasinghe relating the incident……

The abducted Amila Priyanga Amarasinghe describing the incident…………..

“They pulled me and went…assaulted on the head…punched me in the stomach…. It was later that I got to know that they were Hirunika’s body guards since I also live in Kolonnawa….altogether there were eight of them….they told me that I will be locked up with a packet of cocaine….they took me away from there…..to Hirunika’s office….situated near the Kolonnawa UC……Took me by dragging and put me inside….. Hirunika was there seated in a chair….she got up and came …and asked whether this was him….. She seated herself on the table and said that I have the power to abduct anyone where ever they may be…..I am a lawyer… I know what to do ….tell whatever you want to the police…..and stated that she will do whatever she wants…..”

Does any further proofs are required to prove that this abduction was carried out by MP Hirunika Premachandra ?

Watch the Video Below....

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