Yahapalana in Action! Min. Patali Champika Set Free when the Youth Run Over by his Jeep is Serious

Thursday, 03 March 2016 - 10:20


Social Media in Sri Lanka is reporting that Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka has attempted fleeing an accident occurred opposite of the President’s College, Rajagiriya on Sunday (28th Feb) when the jeep driven by him ran over two youths riding a motorbike at about 10.00 p.m.

The critically injured, 24 year-old Sadeem Sampath and his injured friend had been admitted to Intensive Care Unit of Colombo National Hospital by the passengers of another vehicle as the Minister is reported to have fled without attending the victim.

According to hospital sources, blood has seeped into Sadeem’s the brain of one of the youths and the other has a fractured hand say reports.

However, a group of young men have pursued the jeep and blocked its way near Borealla where the Minister had revealed his identity and accepted the mistake.

The sources claim that relatives of the youth have lodged a complaint at Rajagiriya Police and Minister has been bailed out when the victims of the accident are hospitalized and are in a serious condition.

It is high time that the public questions the credibility of Yahapalanaya if politicians still can violate the law of the country and escape the proper legal process.


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