Dozens of Horses Rescued from Rising Floodwaters Near Houston

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 - 9:15


As torrential rains lashed the Houston area in Texas, causing floods, rescue workers struggled to save dozens of horses stranded in the high waters at the Cypress Trail Horse Stables on last Monday (18th).

Cypress Trails Equestrians owner Darolyn Butler has 75 horses, and she told US News agency that 69 or 70 of them escaped Monday when creek waters quickly rose 25 or 27 feet over the normal level.

The videos show some of Butler's horses nearly completely submerged, with just their heads sticking out of the water.

The heavy rains have caused rivers and creeks to rise, and prevented the low-lying cities drainage system from clearing water fast enough to spare homes from flooding. Reports indicate that the flooding in some spots is comparable, if not worse than, flooding that occurred during Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.

Scroll down to see rescue workers struggle to save Cypress Trail Horse Stable horses from Houston floods...

A girl rescuing a blind horse...

Bird's eye view of the rescue mission...

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