Families Pontificate about the Fatal Accident of Imeshi and Sharon

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 - 11:03


CCTV footage of the girls who were hit and killed by a train in Dehiwala area were released yesterday. The footage showing them running towards the oncoming train has sparked debate among many.

Imeshi Perera and Sharon Schuilling, both 18, died tragically in the accident at around 6.30 pm on Monday (25)

Imeshi’s mother who knew that she was attending the ill-fated party said that she does not suspect her daughter’s death.

A close friend of Imeshi’s family said that the two girls were planning to surprise their friends at the birthday party they were heading to.

Witnesses say that the two were wearing ear phones too.

Meanwhile, Sharon’s brother opened up about what had happened.

“Nangi (younger sister) has gone to Dehiwala area after school to attend the birthday party. They have seen three friends in the party and crossed the railway line all excited to meet them. This is when they were hit by the train.

“There are three in my family- father, sister and myself. Our mother is deceased. On 24th she (Imeshi) said that she will go directly to the party in Dehiwala after school the other day.

Their last rites will take place tomorrow (28) at 3.00pm in Borella Cemetery.

See the CCTV footage of the horrible accident below.

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