Student kills professor over thesis argument

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 - 13:12


An argument over a thesis turned fatal as a student allegedly killed his professor by slashing her throat.

The incident has taken place on Monday afternoon, at the North Sumatra Muhammadiyah University (UMSU), Indonesia.

The professor, Dr Hj Nurain Lubis, was a 57-year-old lecturer in the Faculty of Education, in the Guidance and Counseling department.

Indonesian media said the professor and her student, Rormardo Sah Siregar, 21, was having a conversation about Siregar’s thesis, which led to the argument.

The professor who has then headed for the bathroom had been attacked in front of the bathroom on campus at what is known as Building B, as she left the toilet.

Said to have been offended by their conversation, the student slashed Professor Lubis’ neck before she reportedly screamed and collapsed on the floor.

The student who committed the crime had allegedly hid in the bathroom as an angry mob formed outside. He stayed inside until local police came to take him.

The student is currently under investigation.

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