Pickpocket Must Regret His Actions After Woman Beats Him Up

Friday, 06 May 2016 - 10:48


A pickpocket in China gets beaten up on a bus, after he tried stealing from a girl who gave him a good beating.

This thief would be best placed to remember the old adage 'don't judge a book by its cover' after picking on the wrong victim - with painful results.

Footage has surfaced of a man attempting to steal from the handbag of a woman on a bus in China.

The woman is shown standing up on a bus watching something on her smartphone as a shifty-looking gentleman stands behind her.

As she moves to lean against a railing, the man moves to stand behind her, edging his body as close as he can to hers.

He then takes a quick look around him before slowly putting his hand into the handbag, which is hung over the shoulder of the woman.

However the woman suddenly realizes what is going on and spins around, grabbing hold of the man's wrist, causing it to become trapped between the railings.

She shouts at him as he tries to shake him off, and as she cries out to get the attention of other passengers, the would-be thief shouts back at her.

The woman then yanks on the man's arm and kicks him in the leg, forcing him to drop to his knees on the bus.

She then throws him against a railing before kicking him in the chest, sending the pickpocket flying some-what dramatically over the barrier.

The footage has received mixed views online, with some praising the woman's fighting prowess and others claiming the video is a stunt.

Scroll down to watch the video…..

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