JVP still stands united: Leaders assure

Sunday, 08 May 2016 - 12:57


JVP leaders held a press briefing in their head office in Battaramulla today to show that the party has not split.

Party leader Anura Kumara, General Secretary Tilvin Silva, JVP trade Union Wing Leader KD Lalkantha and Propaganda Secretary Vijitha Herath were present at this meeting.

They discussed about a page one story of a week-end paper that claimed the party is dividing. The article claimed that there was a power struggle within the JVP.

It went on to state that the division was between two groups, one supporting Lalkantha or Silva to be the next JVP leader and the other pledging their support to current leader Kumara.

Claiming that these accusations were false, Anura Kumara said the JVP played a major role in defeating the previous regime. He added that those who were against this are attempting to divide the JVP.

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