Will Tamil Nadu Remain Amma Nadu On May 19?

Thursday, 19 May 2016 - 8:52


Voting is over in Tamil Nadu, India and now all eyes are set for big Thursday.

National parties had succumbed to defeat even before the voting. The Congress Party has contested as a junior partner of DMK. The BJP tried hard to forge an alliance with Anbumani Ramadoss-led PMK but it couldn't happen.

The Captain had abandoned NDA ship with after defeat in 2014 elections.

As for the state, the battle is clearly between ruling the AIADMK and DMK.  Yet, new coalition convened by Vaiko called People's Welfare Front, a coalition of Left parties and GK Vasan's Congress, Vaiko’s MDMK under the leadership of Captain VijayKanth presented themselves as a better choice. In a way, The PWF constituents are the parties couldn't ally either with the AIADMK and or the DMK.

So, the fight is again between Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi.

While Jayalalithaa's manifesto promises free cell phones, free power, and a host of other subsidies, Karuna's manifesto speaks of implementing of prohibition and nationalization of mineral quarries. It also promises to bring down milk price by 7 rupees a litre.

However, the Election Commission slapped a notice on both parties asking for an explanation as to how they would fulfil their promises just a day before the voting.

Kanimozi, Karunanidhi’s daughter said that it is quite possible. DMK plans to nationalize mineral quarries and the revenue generated will be used for Public Welfare Distribution. On the other side, AIADMK Spokesperson said, "Whatever Amma promises she fulfils it as she is for the people and made by the people".

The political analysts are extremely confused and confounded about the outcome of this election. There seems no anti-incumbency on the grounds. Except for Chennai, rest have also forgotten about the floods. If they wished for a change, DMK could come to power otherwise Tamil Nadu will remain Amma Nadu. 

Soon we would get to know who the winner is..


(India Today)

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