Video: Futuristic Bus Glides Over The Top Of Cars In Concept For Mass Transit

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 - 12:40


A video making the rounds on Facebook shows off a futuristic bus that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen on the clogged streets of Seattle or elsewhere.

The mass-transit concept created by Beijing-based Transit Explore Bus, was shown off at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo (CHITEC) over the weekend. A video from Collective Evolution, called “Straddle Bus,” has been viewed more than 9.5 million times on Facebook.

The cool thing about the electric vehicle is that it sits up above traffic and is actually designed to allow cars to pass beneath it. The video says the train-like bus is cheaper and quicker to develop than subway systems and can hold up to 1,400 passengers.

By replacing traditional busses, the TEB could save greatly on fuel consumption and carbon emissions, the video says.

Because drivers everywhere know everything about driving, the video attracted a great deal of reaction in the Facebook comments, including plenty of skepticism for why it would never work.

A YouTube video from China TV further explains the concept and shows a small-scale model of the bus being displayed at the Beijing expo.


Watch the video below….

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