A complaint to PM regarding COPE

Wednesday, 15 June 2016 - 8:11


A group of the UNF Government’s senior ministers complained to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday about the manner the Committee on Public Enterprises acts with regard to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Government sources said that these ministers charged that in spite of the fact that the Attorney General had clearly determined the method to be adopted when releasing Central Bank confidential data to an outside party, COPE had violated those recommendations.

The ministers had submitted the complaint to the Prime Minister after the cabinet meeting held yesterday with supporting documents.

State Counsel Rajeev Gunatilleke releasing a letter on 12th February 2004 on behalf of  then Attorney General  K. C. Kamala Sabesan, had issued very clear criteria with regard to the manner an outside party should obtain Central Bank’s confidential data.

In the said letter it is clearly stated that the Attorney General could at any time obtain Central Bank’s confidential data within the Sri Lanka Central Bank premises.

Government sources said that the ministers also had sent to the Prime Minister the letter deputy Central Bank Governor P. Samarasiri had submitted to current Attorney General Gamini Wijesinghe on the 3rd this month calling to mind the method pointed out by the former Attorney General with regard to obtaining Central Bank’s confidential data.

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