Private Bus strike confirmed; Railway strike suspended

Thursday, 01 December 2016 - 18:48

Railway trade unions have decided to call off the proposed strike which was due to be launched tonight.

However, private bus and three wheel drivers associations stated that they will go ahead with the strike as scheduled.

Railway Trade Unions decided to call off the strike following a discussion with President Maithripala Sirisena at parliament complex today.  

The strike was planned with regard to four major issues such as converting the Railway Department in to an Authority, Curtailment of the pension, Acquiring railway department’s lands by private entities and Haphazard recruitments to the department.

Convener of the Railway Graded Trade Union Collective Janaka Fernando stated that the proposed strike was called off after President pledged to solve the said issues in the near future.

However, 28 transport trade unions including private bus operators associations stated that they will go ahead with the proposed strike against the 25 thousand rupees fine each on 7 traffic offences.

Besides, another meeting between the president and the representatives of transport trade unions was held this afternoon.

Lanka Private Bus Owners Association President Gemunu Wijerathna who participated in the discussion said that authorities agreed to amend the fine on speeding and the overtaking from the left side in the future.  

Therefore, Wijerathna said his trade union will not participate in the proposed bus strike tonight.

However, other trade unions who vowed to go ahead with the strike, did not participate in the discussion with the president.

Meanwhile, Southern Provincial Private Bus company federation chairman Chandana soyza said that they will participate in the scheduled strike tonight.

Meanwhile, Deputy Transport Minister Ashok Abeysinghe said everything in place to face the proposed bus strike organized by private bus operators.

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