Meethotamulla Garbage Dump disaster: Search operation continues

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 - 13:00


The search operation for victim of the Meethotamulla tragedy continued on today.

The death toll now stands at 30.

During this morning’s search efforts the army rescue team discovered body parts amidst the debris.

Army Media Spokesman Brigadier Roshan Senevirathna made the following comments as he described the search operation.

Assistant Director of the Disaster Management Center Pradeep Kodippili said that 284 persons are still being sheltered in makeshift camps.

He also said another 11 persons are still missing.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Environment and nature studies stated in a communiqué that toxic waste from several private institutions in Ranala, Biyagama and Kaduwela were dumping garbage at Meethotamulla mount on daily basis.

The communiqué further stated that 4,000 rupees per lorry per day had been paid to Kolonnawa Urban Council former chairman Ravindra Udaya Shantha and his associates to transport such garbage to Meethotamulla.

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