Northern Provincial council limits its session today to 10 minutes in support of Harthal

Thursday, 27 April 2017 - 18:35

The Hartal launched in the Northern Province today pressurizing the government to mete out justice to the Tamils disappeared and releasing lands to their owners is still continuing.

It was reported earlier that the Eastern Province would also join in the agitation but our correspondents stated that the hartal was unsuccessful in the province.

Northern Provincial Council which met today limited its session to 10 minutes in support of hartal.

Provincial Chief Minister C.V. Wigneshwaran later said that hartal was launched as the government has failed to solve the problems of Tamils so far.

TNA, Tamil People’s Congress, EPDP, SLMC and All Ceylon Muslim Congress and several other factions had agreed to support the agitation.

However, it is been reported that SLMC and All Ceylon Muslim Congress did not support hartal today.

When our news team contacted SLMC deputy General Secretary Attorney-at-law Nisam Kariyappar to comment on the issue, he said that his party was not aware of it.

Meanwhile our correspondents stated that shops, schools, public offices and banks in Jaffna town were closed today disrupting day to day lives.

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