The grand illumination of Ridi Viharaya that coincides with the HIRU Shakya Sinha Mangalyaya ​began amid thousands of pilgrims

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 - 19:27

The HIRU Shakya Sinha Mangalyaya which has been organized by HIRU FM and HIRU TV to mark Vesak was held with the participation of thousands of pilgrims at the Sacred Ridi Viharaya premises in Kurunegala.

Coinciding to the HIRU Shakya Sinha Mangalyaya, the illumination of the Ridi Vihara Chetiya was carried out by the Chairman of Asia Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Rayynor Silva.

Lighting of one hundred thousand oil lamps was also conducted in this Aloka pooja pinkama.

Our correspondents stated that thousands of pilgrims gathered at the historic Ridi Vihara temple premises to participate in this religious event.  

HIRU Shakyasinha Mangalyaya began with material and spiritual offerings at the sacred temple premises this morning.

It is significant to note that several meritorious functions including dhamma sermons and dhamma discussions were held during the day at the Ridi Vihara temple premises.

At the same time, an alms giving in the name of The Buddha, for the Sangha and for thousands of laypersons who have observed 8 precepts were held as well.

In addition, a Buddha Statue was inaugurated at the Sacred Ridi Vihara temple and a perennial oil lamp was offered to the temple by chairman of Asia Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Rayynor Silva.

Meanwhile, 'HIRU Uttama Dhathu Vandana' will begin early morning tomorrow.

Asia Broadcasting Corporation has made all necessary arrangements to facilitate  thousands of pilgrims who are expected to arrive at the temple premises to pay homage to the Kapilawasthu Exact Relics.

Meanwhile, the grand digital Vesak pandol of HIRU FM and HIRU TV which ​is being  presented by Asia Broadcasting Corporation for the 5th consecutive year could now be ​viewed.  

This is the only digital and online pandol which could be viewed  from any place ​in the world by any number of ​people.

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