Hiru Uththama Daathu Wandana commences at sacred Ridee Viiharaya premises; Hundreds and thousands of devotees gather to pay homage

Thursday, 11 May 2017 - 7:39

Hiru Uttama Dathu Wandana, exposition of the Kapilawasthu Relics organized by Hiru TV and Hiru FM for the fifth consecutive year commenced at the sacred Kurunegala Ridee Viharaya this morning.

Even by now a very large number of devotees have gathered the temple precincts to worship the Sacred Relic.

The HIRU Shakya Sinha Mangalyaya organized by HIRU FM and HIRU TV to mark Vesak, with the participation of thousands of pilgrims at the Sacred Ridi Viharaya premises in Kurunegala was held yesterday.

Coinciding to the HIRU Shakya Sinha Mangalyaya, the illumination of the Ridi Vihara Chetiya was also switched on by the Chairman of Asia Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Rayynor Silva.

Lighting of one hundred thousand oil lamps under this Aloka pooja pinkama was also held yesterday.

Prior to taking the Sacred Relic to the Ridee Temple, a special Buddha Poojaa was conducted for the  the Kapilavastupura Niseka Sri Sarvagna Relic  at the Vaskaduwa Sree Subhuuthi Temple where the Sacred Relic had been kept.

That was with Chief Incumbent prelate Saasthrapathi Most Venerable Vaskaduvey Mahindaabhidaana Thera as the celebrant. 

By now devotees have keep arriving at the Ridee Vihaaraya to participate in the Hiru Uttama  Relic Worship Kapila vastu Pura Niseka Sri Sarvagna Relic exposition.

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