Devotees gather in numbers at Ridi Viharaya for Uttama Dhathu Vandana – Long queues of devotees run up to several miles

Thursday, 11 May 2017 - 19:12

Devotees gathering at Kurunegala Ridi Viharaya to pay homage to the Kapilawastu Exact Relics have now outnumbered.

The ongoing Uttama Dhaathu Vandana is organized to mark the Vesak festival by HIRU FM and HIRU TV.

This religious festival is organized according to a concept envisioned by the chairman of Asia Broadcasting Cooperation, Mr. Rayynor Silva for the 5th consecutive year.

The Kapilawasthu Exact Relics were brought from Sri Subhuthi Temple in Waskaduwa for the Uttama Dhathu Wandana exposition at Ridi Viharaya.

Thousands of devotees including those who observed Sil yesterday waited at the temple to pay homage to the Sacred Relics this morning.

Our correspondents stated that long queues of devotees waiting to pay homage to the Relics were seen at the Sacred Ridi Vihara temple.

The relics were positioned in a special shrine this morning by the Chairman of Asia Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Rayynor Silva amid the sounds of tom-tom beating.

The Kapilawasthu Exact Relics exposition was inaugurated after the trustee of the Ridi Viharaya, Venerable Thibbotuwawe Sri Siddhartha Buddha Rakkitha Thera and Chief incumbent of Waskaduwa Sri Subhuthi Temple, Venerable Waskaduwe Mahindawanshabhidana Thera counselled the devotees.

As usual in the past, chairman of Asia Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Rayynor Silva offered breakfast to devotees who gathered at the temple to pay homage to the Sacred Relics.

Meanwhile, devotees had lined up for 4 kilometers from Ridi Viharaya to Ridigama town at the time the relics exposition was inaugurated this morning.

Meanwhile, the Muslim community in the neighbourhood also volunteered to hold ‘Dansal’ and distributed food for the devotees who were waiting under the scorching sun.

In the meantime, a resident of Kadahapola in Narammala, M.M. Sumanathilaka had manufactured a 22 foot high incense-stick to be lit for the Kapilawasthu Exact Relics exposition.

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