Today is the second day of the Hiru Uttama Dhathu wandana - Massive crowds continue to arrive at the sacred Ridi Vihara

Friday, 12 May 2017 - 7:47

Today is the second day of the Hiru Uttama Dhatu Vandanaava organized by Hiru TV  and Hiru FM of the Asia Broadcasting corporation in commemoration of the Vesak festival.

It is noteworthy that even now a massive number of devotees have gathered at the Kurunegala Ridi Vihaara sacred precincts to pay homage to Kapilawastupura Exact Sacred Relic of Lord Buddha.

Our correspondents noted that there is a large gathering of devotees had queued up since last night to worship the Sacred Relic of Lord Buddha.

This meritorious  event  is being carried out  consecutively for the fifth year according to a concept of  the Chairman of  Asia Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Raynor Silva.

Kapilawastupura Exact Sacred Relic of Lord Buddha placed at the Waskaduwa Sree Subhuti Temple was conducted to the historical Ridi Vihaara sacred precincts at auspicious moment.

Massive number of Buddhist devotees as well as including those who had observed Sil from the previous night had waited at the sacred precincts for participating in this rare occasion.

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