Massive crowds gather for Uttama Dhathu Vandana for the second day at Ridi Viharaya (Photos)

Friday, 12 May 2017 - 19:29

Devotees in numbers have still been arriving at the Ridi Viharaya in Kurunegala to pay homage to the Kapilawasthu Exact Relics today as well.

The Dhathu exposition has been organized by HIRU TV and HIRU FM of Asia Broadcasting Corporation to commemorate the birth of Prince Siddhartha, his enlightenment and the Parinirvana of the Buddha.

HIRU Uttama Dhathu Vandana Kapilawasthu Exact Relics exposition commenced yesterday morning amid massive crowds at Ridi Viharaya in Kurunegala.

Amid the sounds of tom-tom beating and the ‘Sadhu nada” raised by thousands of devotees, the relics were positioned in a special shrine by Chairman of Asia Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Rayynor Silva.

Thousands of devotees have already paid homage to the Kapilawasthu Exact Relics since the exposition commenced early morning yesterday.

Thousands of more devotees have still lined up to pay homage to the sacred relics.

Devotees have still lined up to about 10 kilometers from Ridi Viharaya to Ridigama town.

Uttama Dhathu Vandana exposition has been recorded as the one which is witnessed by the largest number of devotees in the island.

It is significant that residents and various institutions volunteered to provide food to the devotees waiting in queues.

Religious rites including offering alms in the afternoon were held in the name of the relics today as usual.

Kapilawasthu Exact Relics will be kept at Ridi Viharaya until tomorrow morning and they will be conducted to Padeniya Ancient Temple at 9.30am tomorrow.

The Sacred relics will be kept for exposition at Padeniya temple until 12.30pm.

The relics will be conducted again to Kattapitiya Temple in Kobeigane at 1.30pm.

The Dhathu exposition will be held until 5.30pm at Kobeigane temple until they are conducted to Priyadarshanaramaya in Divulapitiya in the night.

Asia Broadcasting Corporation has made all arrangement to exhibit the sacred Kapilawasthu Exact Relics at Priyadarshanaramaya until 7.30am on Sunday.

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