Massive crowds gather for the Hiru Uththama Daathu Vandana - Sacred relics to be escorted to the Divulapitiya Priyadarshanaaramaya tonight

Saturday, 13 May 2017 - 18:38

The Sacred Kapilawasthu exact Relics have been escorted to the Kobeigane-  Kattapitiya temple as part of the HIRU Uththama Dhaathu Vandanaa organized by HIRU TV and HIRU FM in view of the birth of Prince Siddhartha, his enlightenment and the Parinirvana of Lord Buddha.

Massive crowds arrived at the Ridi Viharaya since last Thursday in Kurunegala to pay homage to the Kapilawasthu Relics until this dawn.

The Sacred Kapilawasthu Relics were escorted from the Ridee Vihaaraya to the Padeniya Raja Maha Viharaya, passing the towns of Rideegama, Kurunegala, Wariyapola and Padeniya.

Large crowds gathered beside the road to worship the sacred relics.

Later, the sacred relics were escorted to the Kattapitiya temple passing Vithikuliya and Kobeigane towns where massive crowds gathered to pay homage to the sacred relics.

Our correspondent has stated that  massive crowds have been arriving at the Kobeigane- Kattapitiya temple to worship the sacred relics.

 The HIRU Uththama Dhaathu Vandanaa is to be escorted this evening via Panduwasnuwara – Hettipola – Kuliyapitiya – Panna to th Divulapitiya Priyadarshanaaramaya.

The Asia Broadcasting Corporation has made all arrangements to exhibit the sacred Kapilawasthu Exact Relics at Priyadarshanaramaya until 7.30am tomorrow.

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