Medical Council is not the only stakeholder in the SAITM crisis, says Professor Carlo Fonseka

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 - 8:49

The GMOA says that the policy decisions announced by the Government regarding Medical Education Standards and the Malabe Private Medical College cannot be trusted.

Participating at a media briefing held in Colombo yesterday GMOA secretary Dr. Naveenda Soysa said that the Government had previously made such announcements on several occasions.

The government’s stance over Malabe Private Medical School was announced yesterday.

Presidential Secretariat, ministry of Higher Education and the Health Ministry have jointly announced the stance.

The notice issued by the government has further described the policy measures that have been taken to ensure standards of medical education and the freedom of education.

A decision has been taken to provide clinical training to students who passed the final examination at  Malabe Private Medical School in Homagama and Avissawella government hospitals.

It was also stated that it is mandatory for these students to sit an examination conducted jointly by the Sri Lanka Medical Council and University Grants commission.

Meanwhile, recruitment to Malabe Private Medical College should be suspended until the Government policy decisions are implemented.

Interviews for admission to SAITM  had been held yesterday in spite of  the Government giving a directive to bring to a halt all admissions

Meanwhile views were expressed about medical education at several media briefings in Colombo yesterday.

However participating at a function held in Colombo yesterday Sri Lanka Medical Council Chairman Professor Carlo Fonseka said that the Medical Council is not the only stakeholder in the SAITM crisis.


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