GSP Plus concession available from next Friday; EU imposes no conditions except encouragement

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 - 11:11


European Union Ambassador to Sri Lanka Tung Lai Margue stated that the GSP Plus concession has been restored for Sri Lanka with effect from next Friday,  May 19th.

Ambassador Tung Lai was speaking at a special media briefing held at the EU office in Colombo this morning.

The Ambassador further said that significant growth could be expected in the manufacturing and export sectors of the country after GSP Plus is restored.

The Ambassador also said that EU has not imposed any conditions in restoring GSP Plus concession for Sri Lanka.

However the progress achieved by Sri Lanka in 27 International Charters relating to human rights, labour relations and environment protection have been taken into consideration in the process of restoring the  concession.

The EU Ambassador said that restoration of GSP Plus concession to the country does not mean that Sri Lanka has fulfilled all respective Charters as required by the Union.

However, the EU decision will encourage the island to fully implement the required accords.

At the same time, it is significant that 66% of duty on goods exported to EU from Sri Lanka under the GSP Plus scheme will be waived.


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