Crystal Meth seized in Sri Lanka for the first time

Saturday, 20 May 2017 - 9:54


A Stock of Crystal Meth, also known as Ice, which is a popular party drug in the West, has been seized for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Crystal meth is considered to be at the top of the rankings of drugs, and a gram of it is reported to cost around 100 US dollars.

The Special Operations Unit of the Excise Department arrested two women from Elakanda – Wattala and seized a stock of 250 grams of crystal meth found in their possession.

Excise officers noted that the stock of crystal meth seized is worth over 2 million rupees.

The two suspects are to be produced before Wattala Magistrate Court today.

Crystal meth is considered to be a highly addictive drug even if it is consumed only once.

Specialist doctors note that although users gain a momentary euphoria, it can damage organs and can result in severe consequences.

Meanwhile, an individual was arrested this morning for attempting to smuggle in a stock of cigarettes worth over 1.8 million rupees.

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