K. P. reveals how M.G.R. funded the LTTE

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 - 9:26


Kumaran Padmanaathan alias K. P. says that the largest sums of money to purchase weapons for  the LTTE was supplied by former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. G. R. aka M. G. Ramachandran.

Similarly K.P. revealed that ‘RAW’ the Indian spy organization acting on directives from former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s had taken action to nurture separatist organizations in Sri Lanka, including the LTTE.

Kumaran Padmanathan disclosed this information during a special interview with the Indian TV channel, ‘Vion’.

the discussion was held at the Sencholey Centre  in Vavuniya, that  functions on behalf of children.

During this discussion an Indian journalist presented K. P. with questions asking how the LTTE accumulated their weapons.

KP was involved in arms smuggling operations across Asia, Canada, US and Europe.

Sri Lankan authorities arrested KP in Malaysia in August 2009 and brought him to Sri Lanka.

He has reformed now and work as an overseer of three orphanages in Kilinochchi.

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