Hospital Guards who assaulted Matara Hiru correspondent presented to the court today

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 - 13:05

Two members of the hospital staff in Matara General Hospital who assaulted the Hiru correspondent who tried to report the island-wide strike launched by the GMOA yesterday, are scheduled to be presented to the Court today.

Meanwhile, speaking to Hiru news team, a senior spokesperson of the Matara hospital voiced that every step has been taken to provide treatments to the assaulted Hiru correspondent, Adheesha Rathnayake who is currently receiving treatments at the Matara General Hospital.

Hiru correspondent was assaulted near the Director's office in the hospital when he tried to report the difficulties faced by patients due to the strike.

Later, two security servicemen in the hospital were arrested by the police regarding the act.

Meanwhile, "Matara Journalists" organization mentioned that they are ready to take necessary actions regarding the assault in line with the court proceedings.

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