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Saturday, 03 June 2017 - 9:31
Update - Disaster death toll further increased

Death toll due to adverse weather has increased to 211.

According to the Disaster Management Centre, 91 more individuals are missing while 7,04815 have been displaced due to the consequences of adverse weather.

Update :- Saturday, June 3, 2017 11.01 am

Death toll due to adverse weather has increased to 208.

According to the Disaster Management Centre, 90 more individuals are missing while 72 are injured due to the consequences of adverse weather.

The highest death toll has been reported from Rathnapura which is 85.

Moreover, 63 deaths have been reported from Kaluthara district while 31 have been reported from Matara.

No: of people who are affected from the adverse weather are 674,553.

Presently, 1919 houses have been completely destroyed while 10,477 houses have been partly damaged.

Moreover, 17,474 people affected have been sheltered in 312 safe places, says the DMC.

The highest number of affected people who have been sheltered are reported from Rathnapura, which is 11,865.

Meanwhile, National Building and Research Organization announced yesterday that th landslide warning issued to 07 districts affected due to adverse weather would be further extended until 2.00pm today.

Moreover, the Department of Irrigation says the high water levels prevailed in rivers Nilwala and Gin are gradually decreasing.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Disaster Management said that an air plane from China, carrying relief goods for our people affected from adverse weather would arrive in the island this afternoon.

In addition, National Building and Research Organization advises the people in Rathnapura, Kegalle, Galle, Kaluthara, Matara and Nuwara Eliya to stay cautious of landslides if the showers prevailed continuously.

Meanwhile, schools in Western, Southern and Sabaragamuwa provinces which were closed due to adverse weather would be re-opened on Monday, the 5th of June, said the Education Ministry yesterday.

However, the Ministry further stated that 10 schools used as shelters for the affected in Southern Province, and 29 schools which were damaged due to floods and landslides would be re-opened later.

Moreover, the Secretary of the Provincial Department of Education in Sabaragamuwa, Mahinda S.Weerasuriya voiced that all schools in the province excepet 14 which have been used to shelter the affected, would be re-opened on next Monday.

However, he further said that 14 schools affiliated to the Elapatha, Ayagama, Nivithigala and Kalawana Divisional Secretariats which will not be re-opened on next Monday, will be re-opened on the next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Met Department has announced that failry heavy showers would be expected in Eastern, Sabaragamuwa, Southern, Central and North Western provinces today as well.

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