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Thursday, 14 September 2017 - 10:56
Arjun Aloysius says does not wish to give evidence before PCoI


The owner of Perpetual Treasuries, Arjun Aloysius says he does not wish to give evidence before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry, probing the controversial bond issuance.

He made this announcement appearing before the Bond Commission this morning (14).

Meanwhile, Acting Solicitor General, Dappula de Livera told the Commission that the Attorney General's Department does not agree with the order given by the Commission on the issue of testifying the PTL owner.

He said that he would discuss with the Attorney General about the cause of action to be taken in the future. Meanwhile, CEO of Perpetual Treasuries Kasun Palisena was further questioned by the State Counsels.

When State counsels played confidential telephone recordings and proved that Perpetual Treasuries Limited had received confidential information with regard to the bond issuance, the company lawyer raised objections.

At this juncture, President Counsel Dappula de Livera asked him in a rude manner to shut his mouth.

Then, Supreme Court Judge Prasanna Jayawardana criticized the behaviour of the President Counsel Livera.

The Supreme Court Judge also warned the Perpetual Treasuries’ lawyer not to make objections when vital information are presented before the Commission.

In these telephone conversations, Arjun Aloysius says that his friends who are at higher positions have advised him to place bids.

When the Commission repeatedly asked Palisena to expose them, he said he doesn’t know them.

When the questions were posed in a different angle, Palisena said that such friends in top positions could be individuals in the Public Debt Department, Tender Board or the Governor.   

In addition, Kasun Palisena said that Saman Kumara attached to the Employees Provident Fund and Navin Anuradha attached to the National Savings Bank are friends of Arjun Aloysius.

At this point, State Counsel told the Commission that Arjun Aloysius has made Kasun Palisena a scapegoat and escaped the liability as he did not want to reveal his so-called friends at higher positions.

The State Counsel further said that leaking vital information of the Central Bank Bond issuance to Arjun Aloysius, the company was able to make a profit of Rs. 4 billion during a two month period in 2016.

Meanwhile, former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran has been noticed to be testified before Bond Commission next Tuesday.

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