“UNP did not accept money from Arjun Aloysius” Chairman Malik and General Secretary Kabir tell Bond Commission

Wednesday, 11 October 2017 - 20:11


Ministers Malik Samarawickrema and Kabir Hashim appearing before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry probing the controversial bond issuance said today (11) that they did not instruct anybody to raise money through issuing treasury bonds to meet the government’s financial requirements.

At the beginning, the Commission’s Chairman Justice K.T. Chithrasiri stated Malik Samarawickrema and Kabir Hashim were not on the witness list of the Attorney General’s Department.

He said the two were summoned by the Commission.

The Supreme Court Judge Prasanna Jayawardena said that the evidence collected so far is sufficient to prepare the report, therefore, it has been decided not to further extend the term of the Commission

Later, Malik Samarawickrama said at the witness’s box that he participated in a meeting held at the Central Bank on February 26th, 2015 in the capacity as a Prime Minister’s senior advisor.

He said that he was instructed by the Prime Minister to discuss acquiring 15 billion rupees for the re-launch a high way project which was abandoned following payments were not paid by the previous regime.

It is significant that Malik Samarawickrema was questioned only by Commission members during his testifying for about 10 minutes.

Thereafter, Kabir Hashim said that he also participated in the meeting in his capacity as the then Highway Minister.

He said that no decision was taken during that meeting to meet the government’s financial requirement from the controversial Central Bank bond issuance.

In addition, two ministers, Malik Samarawickrema and Kabir Hashim, who function as the Chairman and the General Secretary of the UNP respectively, said that their party did not accept any money from Arjun Aloysius, his companies or his family relatives in 2015 and 2016.

Meanwhile, the Attorney appearing for the private secretary of Arjun Aloysius, Steve Samuel stated that his client was admitted to a private hospital in Colombo this morning, due to a heart pain.

The Attorney said, therefore, Samuel is unable to report to the Commission to submit files referred to the initials of A.M. and R.K.

When the Attorney said that there are no such files in the possession of his client, the Commission stated that it wanted to know exactly to whom those files are referred to.

The Commission also said it cannot inform Arjun Aloysius and his father Jeffrey Aloysius to submit those files as the Commission is unable to trace them.

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