An order made by former Sri Lankan Airlines chairman’s caused a loss in excess of Rs. 10 million , a revelation before commission

Thursday, 16 August 2018 - 9:06

It was revealed at the special presidential investigation commission that Sri Lankan Airlines had incurred a loss in excess of 17 million rupees, following  an order  given by former Sri Lankan Airlines Chairman, Nishaantha Wickremesinghe.

The order was related to the former chairman overriding a decision made by the airlines managers, regarding a France-bound  aircraft.

The two Sri Lankan Airlines flight managers said that as a result of the order, 128 passengers experienced changes to the flight path that caused serious  inconvenience  and tarnished the reputation of the airline.

Sri Lankan Airlines flight operations Managers Dhammika Senanayake and Sailaan Nishaanta Handapaangoda gave evidence yesterday  before the committee that was appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena to probe the alledged corruptions that had taken place within Sri Lankan and the Mihinlanka airlines.

Giving evidence before the committee, the Airport flight operations manager said that in relation to the incident in question, it  had decided to delay the departure of the Colombo-France  flight , due to  technical flaws in two aircrafts.

The airport flight operations manager said  that the former chairman Nishaantha Wickremesinghe  however, speaking over the phone had informed that the aircraft be flown without delay as a special delegation was on board and had to make it to their destination without delay had to be flown in it.

Giving evidence before the commission, the manager said that the Colomb-France flight was dispatched at the scheduled time according to that order.

It was revealed during the submission of evidence that a huge loss was incurred as a result of air tickets needing to be purchased from other airlines to enable the passengers to arrive in Paris (France) and  Frankfurt airports which were their intended destinations.

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