Thugs attack hotel in Anamaduwa

Sunday, 19 August 2018 - 21:45

An armed gang had broken into a hotel in Anamaduwa, Puttlam yesterday, and had caused extensive damages to the property, in addition to stealing more than 150,000 rupees.
The owner of the hotel said the gang, which comprised of four individuals, had arrived at the hotel with swords and clubs.
The owner further noted that he believes a long-standing dispute with a drug trafficker in the area could be the reason behind this attack.
We spoke to Anamaduwa police and a spokesperson at the police station noted that it has been revealed that a group including a drug trafficker in the area known as 'Kattakaduwe Nihal' is responsible for the attack.
The spokesperson further noted that the police have taken measures to arrest the individuals, who had since fled the area. 

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