STF arrests female drug dealer in Peliyagoda

Tuesday, 28 August 2018 - 7:44


The  STF arrested a 34-year-old woman for the alleged involvement in trafficking of narcotics close to the Peliyagoda Fish Market.

Police said they recovered narcotics called Ice and a stock of heroin.

Reports state that her husband known as ‘Padmini’ is serving a life sentence for trafficking of narcotics.

A senior STF officer said that the woman was a member of the gang led by the D. Manju who was recently killed in an STF shootout.

She had allegedly engaged in narcotics distribution to several areas.

Meanwhile, the STF says that the shooting that occurred last afternoon at the Jumma Junction laundry in Maligawatta was carried out by her husband.

Initial investigations have revealed that her husband is an accomplice of Makandure Madhush, who is currently overseas.,

The husband is also connected to the shooting that occurred in Maligawatta last March.

The woman had previously complained to police in connection to her husband on several occasions, it is suspected that she was murdered due to her police complaints.


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