Plane crash in South Sudan kills nineteen people

Monday, 10 September 2018 - 9:19

A plane crashed into a lake in South Sudan, killing nineteen people. There were four survivors. According to a regional minister, the plane was attempting to land in foggy weather.

A small plane crashed into a lake in the center of South Sudan on Sunday, killing nineteen people. There were four survivors including two children, according to a regional official.

Taban Abel, the regional information minister for the Eastern Lakes state Aguek, said the plane, carrying 23 people, had crashed in the central town of Yirol as it came in to land.

"The number of people we have confirmed dead is 19 people and four people survived," said Abel, adding that two children were among the survivors, as well as an Italian citizen.

Abel also confirmed that Simon Adut , the Anglican Bishop of Yirol, was among the dead.

The Italian non-governmental organization Medici con Africa Cuamm posted on its website that an Italian doctor named Damiano Cantone was among the survivors. Cantone had been on his way to work at a children's hospital in Yirol.

Radio Miraya, a UN broadcaster, had earlier reported him dead. The pilot and co-pilot, a staff member with the International Committee of the Red Cross, a Ugandan who runs a private clinic in Yirol, a government official and two army officers were also confirmed dead. (Deutsche Welle)

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