A 65-year old woman killed and the body set fire to after being dumped on a heap of garbage

Thursday, 09 May 2019 - 14:40

The Ambalantota Police said that a woman selling stuff at the Public Market in Ambalatota had been killed at her house in the village of Goyamkolamulla Sisilasa and dumped on a heap of garbage opposite the house and set on fire today (09).

Police said the deceased woman’s second husband was taken into custody on suspicion.

It was 65 year old Thiruvana Kankanamge Karunawathie, a mother of six who had been murdered.

Subsequent to her first husband’s death the deceased woman had been living with the suspect, deemed to be her second husband at the house in Goyamkolamulla, Mirijjawila and it is said that this incident would have taken place at about 9.00 pm on 6 May.

During initial investigations, it had been revealed the woman had been killed and dumped on the heap of garbage and set on fire from time to time and that the house had been washed clean with water.

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