Saharan’s DNA report to the courts within next 2 days

Thursday, 16 May 2019 - 13:13


The blood samples of Zahran Hashim’s wife and daughter have been received at the Government Analyst’s Department in order for them to obtain the DNA of Zahran Hashim considered to be the Leader of the National Thowheed Jama’ath organization.

These blood samples had been provided last Friday and a spokesman of the Government Analyst’s Department said that the report will be prepared either tomorrow or day after and submitted to Court.

It has been revealed during DNA testing that Alaudeen Ahameed Muath is the person who had attacked the Kochchikade – St. Anthony’s church.

At the same time it has also been proved through DNA testing that Achchi Mohammaddu Hasthun was the suicide bomber at the Katuwapitiya Church.

The Court informed the Criminal Investigation Department on the 9th to call for a DNA report to confirm the identity of Zahran Hashim and Ilham Ahamed Ibrahim who carried out the suicide bombings at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Based on that order blood samples of Zahran’s wife and daughter who are in the custody of the CID were sent to the Government Analyst’s Department.

Meanwhile, Police Media spokesman office stated that security has been beefed up further following the recent tense situation in the North Western Province.

61 road barriers have been set up already in the province.

In addition, 81 persons have been arrested during a tense situation.

In addition, the attendance by school students has shown a gradual improvement today compared to the past several days. 

However, attendance in urban schools still remains at a low level.

Meanwhile, teacher unions told our news team that more than 75 per cent of children has not attended the schools as yet.

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