Creators of Pandals in a crisis

Thursday, 16 May 2019 - 15:35

There are only two days more for the Vesak festival. Due to the Easter Sunday bombings, the Buddhists in this country will have to commemorate this festival in an altogether different manner.

Unlike during other years, this time there will be no material offerings or Aamisa Pooja such as Vesak Pandals, Vesak Lanterns and Vesak Zones.

The Public Health Inspectors Association said that the number of dansal that have been registered also numbers very few this time.

However, Founder of the Dharmapala Generation Organization and Senior Lecturer of Sanskrit and Oriental Arts Studies Division at the Kelaniya University, Professor Venerable Induragare Dhammarathana thero said that this time the true Buddhist values can be highlighted at this time’s Vesak festival.

Lecturer at the National Institute of Education Venerable Noluwakande Gnanarathana thero said that instead of a dansal an alms giving can be given to people who do not have to eat and commemorate Vesak in that manner.

Chief Incumbent of the Narada Bauddha Dharmayathanaya in Colombo 07, Venerable Talalle Chandakiththi thero requested that if people are unable to go to temple to observe Sil at home.

Meanwhile the Association of Pandal Creators say that they are facing many problems since they are unable to display the Pandals they have created, due to the prevailing situation in the country.

The convener of the Association Kapila Thotawaththage requested at a media briefing summoned recently at Wathugedera – Ambalangoda that the government should intervene to provide solutions to their problems.

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