Married suspect who killed his lover remanded

Monday, 20 May 2019 - 10:42


The suspect who was taken into custody in connection with killing a 23 year old young woman in Pulasthipura – Polonnaruwa has been remanded until 28 of this month.

That was when the suspect was produced before the Magistrate’s Court.

The young woman who had worked at a Garment Factory had gone missing for a few days and parts of a burnt body suspected to belong to her were discovered on the 12 in a paddy field at Laksha Uyana – Polonnaruwa.

According to investigations carried out a married individual who was said to be her lover and was working at the same Garment Factory the young woman had been working in was taken into custody.

Subsequent to questioning him, it had been revealed that he had killed her on the 10 and later poured petrol and set fire to her body.

Polonnaruwa Police said a quarrel that broke out between the two had resulted in this crime.

A relationship had begun between the two and it is reported that when the young woman got to know that the lover was a married man and a father of one, there had been constant arguments and conflicts between them. 

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