One month since the Easter Sunday Attacks, 3 arrested including Siyam, chief organizer for Saharan

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 - 7:32


It is one month today since the April 21st Easter Sunday attacks.

Meanwhile three more suspects and  a chief organizer of Zahraan Hasheem considered the leader of the National Thawheed Jamaat organization who died while carrying out a suicide bomb attack on Easter Sunday were arrested in Kalmunai yesterday.

While Zahraan’s chief organiser called Kalmunai Siyaam was arrested first, the other two suspects were arrested according information received from him.

Kalmunai Siyaam had aided and abetted for taking the group including Zahraan’s father killed in a bomb explosion that had taken place in a house in Saainthamarudu on April 26th.

 He had also been engaged in training activities   in Hambantota.

Meanwhile, further investigations have been launched regarding the training camp at a coconut land in Alakoladeniya in Kurunegala. 

Investigations carried out by now have revealed that parliament hansard officer currently in custody and other five suspects had carried out training at the camp.

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