How does the Indian General Election affect Sri Lanka?

Friday, 24 May 2019 - 15:24


Various views are expressed on Narendra Modi’s Bharatheeya Janatha Party gaining an unexpected massive victory in the Indian General Election.

According to results declared by this afternoon, the Bharatheeya Janatha Party has won 351 seats in the Indian Lok Sabha of 542 seats and the Congress Party gained only 92 seats.

Other Parties including Regional Parties have won 99 seats.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi could not protect the seat of his Gandhi heritage Amethi either.

He was elected to Parliament through the second seat he contested in Kerala.

We made an inquiry from international analysts regarding Narendra Modi being elected for another 5-year term of the world’s biggest democracy and our closest neighbour India.

Senior Lecturer of the International Relations Studies Division of the Colombo University, Dr. Ajith Balasuriya said that Indian voters have been motivated to re-elect Modi based on security.

Similarly, Senior Lecturer Dr. Athula Samarakone on Political Science and International Studies of the Open University said that a strong government being elected in India, would be of assistance in eradicating terrorism from this zone. 

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