Price of petrol increased according to the Price Formula from midnight tonight

Monday, 10 June 2019 - 21:54


The price of a liter of Octane 92 petrol has been increased with effect from midnight tonight by Rs. 3.00.

Accordingly, the new price of a liter of Petrol will be Rs. 138.

No change has been made in the prices of other fuels.

The government has decided not to increase prices of four types of fuel, which are usually subject to revision under the fuel Price Formula.

However, with the price of a liter of petrol being increased by Rs. 3, the retail price of a liter of Petrol will become Rs. 138.

During the month of March, even though the price of oil increased in the world market, due to providing relief to the consumer public as a result of the festive season the local market prices of fuel were not increased.

There is a trend apparent in the international market of oil prices dropping.

Accordingly if this situation continues, arrangements will be made to pass on the advantage to the consumers.

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